Cheap Price Car & Van Repair Service

  • Apple Auto Care Services

    Starting with $20 – Second hand Tyres in Excellent Condition

    Affordable Price Car,Van Repair

    Taxi & Uber Service $85*

    Cheap Price new battery

  • Affordable Price Car & Van Repair

    1-Starting with $25 used Tyres in good condition

    2-Cheap Price Battery.

    3-Cheap Price Car Rental.

    4-Cheap Price Car & Van repair..

    5-Start $65* Oil & Oil filter Replace.

    6-Start $100*AC Gas recharging.

    7-Cheap Price Panels Repair n Re-Painting Car& Van.

    8- Taxi & Uber Service Start $85*.

* all prices are exclusive of GST

Auto Parts

  • Cheap price car & van All Type Of Auto Parts.

  • New Part with 12 Month Warranty

  • Reconditions Parts 6 or 12 Months Warranty n Genuine Parts.

  • Used Parts 1 month to 6 Months Warranty

  • Used Parts 1 month or 2 months or 3 months or 6 months Warranty applicable depending on parts.

  • All Type of Auto Body Parts,Engine Parts,Transmission and Gear Box Parts, Steering Parts,Suspension Parts,Brake Parts,Cooling System Parts,A/C Parts,Used Tyre,New Tyre,New Battery,Exhaust System Parts,Starter Motor,Alternator,Window Switchs,All Type of Lights, Headlight,Parking Light,Brake Lights or Tail Lights etc.Windscreen,Side Mirror,Doors,Tail Gates,Rear Boot.

  • All New Genuine or After Market Parts with 12 Months Warranty

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