Roadworthy Inspection Service


Start $100* Rwc Inspection

  • Roadworthy Inspection Provides and RWC Jobs repair

    Starting $20*---Second Hand Tyre roadworthy Conditions n New Tyres

    Affordable Price Car,Van Repair

    Taxi & Uber Service $75*

    Cheap Price new battery

    we provide Roadworthy certificates to our clients

    We are Affordable and Cheap Price on RWC's repair jobs

    Saturday RWC's Introspection provide by Appointment 9.30am-3pm

    Timing for RWC's Inspections Provide Mon-Fri 9am-to 4.30pm

    Why we do Cheap Price???? Coz most of time we used good and 2nd hand quality parts from wreckers that’s way your car will get cheap price roadworthy jobs.

    We are Roadworthy Jobs Specialist.

    Roadworthy Certificate is very easy to get by--of Bajaj Auto Group Pty Ltd & Apple Auto Care.

    Book Now Roadworthy Inspection Only with appointment

    We are not LVT license holder we get rwc's inspection from our suppliers they just get inspection for us and we do all mechanical and electrical repair related rwc's jobs.

    Than we will give you quotation for each job including parts and repair cost. We start jobs after your price or quotation approval. But price or quotation will valid for 1 week.

  • If you get cheap rate roadworthy repaired work then easy to get RWC's

    Serial Number-1- Roadworthy Inspection Start $100* From 1991 to 2000 Models (Sedan/Hatchback Cars.) If car on dual fuel then Start $150*,

    Club Permit Car RWC's Start $250*

    Serial Number-2--> -Roadworthy Inspection $100* 30 for certificate issue total $130* From 2000 year to 2016 models (Hatchback/Sedan).

    Serial Number-3--> All 4x4 Car or Van, Camping Van Start $150*

    Serial Number-4--> Below 1990 Year Car Roadworthy Inspection will give you after seen physically car in workshop--Like Classic Car or Club Permit Car RWC Start $250*

    Serial Number--5---> All Club Permit Car Roadworthy Inspection Start $250*.


    Serial Number 1- Roadworthy inspection applicable only If there is any job required on your car you have to get job done or repair from us then $100* roadworthy inspection including certificate issue.

    If you get roadworthy jobs from me then RWC inspection From $100*

    If you didn't get Roadworthy required jobs done from me then Roadworthy Inspection Charges $100* 50 for certificate issue total $150*.

    Car pickup and drop off service available but extra $30* but depend on your location

    After roadworthy inspections If your car require any extra job it cost you extra for parts and repair cost I will do repair with VERY VERY VERY Cheap rates.

    Note-> During roadworthy inspection we didn't find any problem or fault then you will get roadworthy certificate in same price. If your car needs any extra repair or job required.

* all prices are exclusive of GST


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