Rent / Hire Car Service

Rent a Car

Cheap Price Rent A Car

  • 1-30days $510*per month

  • 1-14days $308* for 2 week or each day $22*

  • Less then 2 week $25* each Day.

  • Rent is Including Insurance, Roadside assistance, Maintenance, Registrations.

  • Only driving allowed in Victoria no interstate.

  • Every day allowed Kilometers 150

  • For each extra kilometer 10 -20 cent will be charged

  • Age over 21


  • Documents Required

    1-Victorian Driving Licence

    2-Three References with their Name, Address and Contact Numbers.

    3-Bond $700* Refundable.

    4-Rent in Advance.

  • Overseas Students

    1-Valid Overseas Driving License

    2-Valid Visa Copy

    3-Valid passport Copy

    4-Currently Bank Statement as Address Proof.

    5-Three Reference Name, Their Contact Number, Their Current Address.

    6-Bond $700*

    7-Rent in Advance.

* all prices are exclusive of GST

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