Putting the care back in Auto- Care

Finding a reliable mechanic in Melbourne can be quite a stressful ordeal, as most of the Car services & repairs in Melbourne are looking to make a quick buck. A good Car Mechanic in Melbourne should put your auto care needs before all and getting your car serviced or repaired should be his primary concern.

Getting your car serviced:

Getting your car serviced periodically ensures that your car always runs smoothly and hassle free. Things like timely changing of engine oil, replacing the oil filter, cleaning of the air filter, cleaning injectors and replacing spark plugs not only ensures that your car runs smoothly, but timely servicing increases the lifespan of the car. Cleaning your air filter, spark plug and replacing and cleaning and replacing other wear and tear components needs to be looked at carefully while servicing.

Using the best engine oil available:

Finding the right grade engine oil for your car is better left to Car services & repairs in Melbourne, where trained and experienced professionals analyze the engine oils based on the stringent guidelines set in stone by specific car manufacturers. Engine oils come in primarily 3 types ie. synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral oil. All the 3 oils provide various benefits and different levels of protection. Timely change of engine oil is crucial, as the oil serves 2 purposes, ie. lubricating moving components inside the engine, while also providing cooling to the the engine. At Apple auto care, your engine oil is closely scrutinized and tested by our Car Mechanic in Melbourne, in order to analyze whether or not an engine oil change is required or not.

Getting your car repaired:

Getting your car repaired professionally, can only be done with state of the art equipment and technology. However, more often than not, getting the same done can burn a hole in your pocket, as many Car services & repairs in Melbourne charge a premium for the same. Finding a reliable Car Mechanic in Melbourne can be quite difficult ordeal, as trusting your car in the hands of a reliable, honest and trustworthy mechanic can be difficult at times.

Getting your car closely inspected and serviced or repaired, ensures that your car doesn’t break down randomly and it increases the lifespan of your car. Getting your car serviced within the stipulated time frame ensures that your car stays trouble free and makes your drive enjoyable.

At Apple Auto Care, we provide you with trustworthy car service in Melbourne, with the security of knowing our mechanics are qualified and fully trained. Our workshop is run by qualified professionals and provides a full range of expert car service and car repairs in Melbourne. We provide a complete and comprehensive range of car service and car repair options through our fully certified car mechanics in Melbourne.

To maintain our high standards, we have equipped our workshop with the latest computers, scanning tools, and laser technology.

Some of the car service and car repair options we offer are:

  • Steering and suspension corrections
  • General and major services
  • Logbook servicing
  • Brake pads and brake disc replacement
  • Clutch kit replacement
  • Wheel alignment starts at $70+GST and 4X4 $100+GST
  • General and major services
  • Engine repairs, new or second-hand engine replace
  • Brake oil replacement at $70+GST
  • New tyre replacement and service start at $70+GST
  • Roadworthy certificates (RWC)
  • Suspension repairs and replacement parts
  • Roadworthy inspections start at $100+GST
  • Car battery replacement $90+GST
  • Logbook servicing starts at $110+GST
  • Car and van panel beating and re-painting.
  • Used tyres and fitting from $25+ fitting and balance tyre, all tyres are roadworthy certified
  • New tyres at a cheap price starts at $70+GST including fitting and balance
  • Cheap batteries start at $90+GST, call for exact price for your car or van battery
  • AC gas recharging starts at $110 incl. GST, all-wheel drive (AWD) and van AC gas recharging $150+GST

Why choose Apple Auto Care in Melbourne?

We have over 26 years’ experience and overseas training and experience in car and van repairs. We provide affordably-priced RWC inspections for cars and vans, while also doing repairs for all makes and model of car and van.

We offer great prices on a range of car services in Melbourne

  • Repairs start at $25
  • Used tyres and fitting from $20, roadworthy certified
  • New tyres
  • Cheap batteries
  • AC gas recharging
  • Car and van body work and painting
  • We use quality second-hand parts from wreckers to give you the best prices

Roadworthy Certificates (RWC) in Melbourne

  • Saturday inspections from 9.30am – 3pm,
  • Weekdays 9am – 4pm
  • Bookings required

Easy, fast RWC repair jobs to get your roadworthy certificate in Melbourne quickly at a great price. Auto Care provides affordable roadworthy repair work and are considered a roadworthy specialist.

Melbourne RWC inspections start at $100+GST plus $30-$50+GST for certificate as applicable. We provide discounts on roadworthy inspections and certificates to customers who get their repairs with us.

Serial Number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Roadworthy inspections – costs

  • Before 1990 starts at $300+GST
  • 1991-2000 models (sedan/hatchback cars) starts at $100+GST
  • 2000-2016 models (sedan/hatchback) starts at $100+GST plus certificate cost $30-50+GST
  • Dual fuel roadworthy inspection starts at $150+GST
  • All 4X4 cars or vans, camping vans, start at $150+GST
  • All club permit roadworthy inspections start at $300+GST
  • We must physically see cars made before 1990 to quote

We also offer a car pick up and drop off service for RWC for $30+GST depending on location. We can also arrange a hire car for the time your car is in the workshop getting the RWC inspection. Any car repairs required after roadworthy inspection can be completed at excellent rates for parts and labour.

For roadworthy certificate inspection, leave your car with us for 1-3 hours. If your car does not require any repairs, your RWC will be provided, however if your car fails and requires repairs, we can give you a very affordable quote. We can then complete the repairs, ultimately resulting in an RWC.

We will use new or quality second-hand parts, whichever is cheapest and provides best value for money. We will make sure you know exactly when your car will be ready.

Please note: if we do the roadworthy inspection and your vehicle fails, we understand that you have a choice of repairers. We can do the repairs at a great price. We can’t do further RWC inspections on cars that have been repaired by an unauthorised, unqualified repairer, since we cannot verify the quality of their work and will not compromise the safety of our customers.

We are a third-party Roadworthy Inspection provider; however we are not a Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT) provider. We promise we will give you our best prices and best service.

Steering and suspension services in Melbourne

Steering and suspension services can help to reduce premature tyre wear. Our car mechanics in Melbourne will check all relevant components, including the strut, shocks, and springs for signs of wear and tear. Any worn-out, damaged, or missing suspension parts will be replaced to ensure your ride is comfortable and safe.

At Apple Auto Care, we recommend you have your steering and suspension checked every 20,000kms. If you notice any problems or inconsistency in steering or suspension during your daily drive, we recommend getting it checked.

To make sure that your car is in the best condition possible, make an appointment at one of our Melbourne workshops.

Brake and clutch repairs in Melbourne

Apple Auto Care specialise in clutch and brake repairs. Our car mechanics in Melbourne are experienced and well-trained in brake and clutch repairs, regardless of your car’s manufacturer, build, or age. The brake and clutch systems can become worn out as your vehicle ages, if not serviced regularly.

Our car mechanics in Melbourne will inspect your brakes and clutch for consistency, and if any inconsistency is found you will be notified. The required car repairs will be performed once the problem has been identified.

Tyres and wheel alignment in Melbourne

If you have observed any difficulties while steering, pulling to one side, or unusual vibrations you should have your car serviced. At Apple Auto Care, we use expert equipment to check and service your car’s wheel alignment.

Every vehicle has a specific steering track set for its front wheels and if this isn’t aligned properly, it can cause your tyres to wear rapidly or unevenly. Wheel alignment can be affected by driving over kerbs and potholes, and daily wear and tear.

Improper wheel alignment becomes more obvious when the outside or inside edge of the tyre become damaged. If you suspect your wheel alignment is out, make an appointment at one of our Melbourne workshops. At Apple Auto Care, we recommend you get your tyre alignment checked every six months or if you have any trouble while steering.

General and major car services in Melbourne

General and major car services are an important part of maintaining your car. Your car’s handbook will advise you how often you should take your car for a major or minor service; a minor service is recommended every 10,000kms and a major service is recommended every 40,000kms.

Both general and major car services will involve changing the oil and oil filters, fluid inspection, tyre rotation, checking lubrication, and emissions. Many of the services will vary depending on your car’s handbook.

For major car services, Apple Auto Care will check engine management, brake fluid, engine bolt tightness, wheel alignment, and the state of the brakes. Major car services are carried out less often than minor services and are important for your vehicle’s performance and safety.

During a general car service in Melbourne, Apple Auto Care will replace the engine oil, and check the spark plugs, emissions, ignition, fuel system, and all fluids. We carry out all car services with the utmost care at our Melbourne workshops.

Roadworthy Certificates Melbourne – RWC registered - Melbourne

You are required to have a roadworthy certificate when buying or selling a car in Victoria. The certificate ensures driver safety so you can confidently buy or sell your car in Australia. As per guidelines set out by Vic Roads, your car will be thoroughly checked by an authorised Licensed Vehicle Tester before issuing the certificate.

It is illegal to buy or sell an uncertified car in Victoria and is also a massive safety liability for the driver, passengers, and others on the road.

Apple Auto Care is authorised by Vic Roads and has a licensed tester to issue roadworthy certificates in Melbourne, Melbourne and Victoria. We issue roadworthy certificates for all diesel, LPG, and petrol cars in Victoria.

Car battery replacement and services in Melbourne

Apple Auto Care is one of Springvale’s leading providers of car battery replacements. We can help you choose the best battery for your car and our staff is trained to handle any battery failures you may experience. We will professionally and safely fix your battery or replace it if required to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

It is important to maintain your car’s battery, as most of your vehicle relies on it to function. Any broken wires and incorrect voltage will cause your car to stop working, so it's important to have your car battery checked regularly.

Our all batteries come with a warranty:

  • Passenger cars - 24 months
  • Taxi and Uber vehicles – 6 months
  • Van – 12 months
  • All warranties apply from date of invoice

Battery warranty term and conditions – Melbourne, Melbourne workshops

Battery warranty does not cover damage, accident, alternator over-charging/under-charging, or oil spill.

If you are parking your car for a long time or going on extended holiday, you should remove negative and positive battery terminals to preserve battery life and ensure battery warranty remains valid.

Log book services in Melbourne

Log book servicing is a detailed service that examines your vehicle according to the manufacturing standards. Apple Auto Care’s qualified car mechanics in Melbourne will keep your car in the best condition possible and extend the life of your vehicle by using the latest technology.

We maintain a database that saves your car repair and maintenance history. Log book servicing can help to remind you when your next service is due. Any parts that are replaced during a car servicing in Melbourne are kept aside for your confirmation, and a mechanic will always talk to you before making any changes or replacing a part.

The car repair and maintenance services kept in the database include:

  • Log book servicing
  • Brake and clutch repair
  • Engine repairs
  • Brake oil replacement
  • New tyre replacement and service
  • Suspension repairs
  • Workshop locations for car mechanics in Melbourne

    Apple Auto Care is based in Clayton South but caters to customers across many Melbourne suburbs. Don’t forget – we have a pick-up and drop-off service available for a small fee!

    • Heatherton
    • Endeavour Hills
    • Melbourne
    • Noble Park
    • Dandenong
    • Keysborough
    • Carrum Downs
    • Murrumbeena
    • Mordialloc
    • Beaumaris
    • Dingley Village
    • Cheltenham
    • Highett
    • Mentone
    • Aspendale

To make an appointment to see one of our qualified car mechanics in Melbourne, contact your nearest Apple Auto Care workshop.

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